Branding & Design Strategy

The Thinking Hotel Change Play Business Lisbon Event Launch
Oeiras, Portugal
14 & 15 July, 2011

Co-design of an experiential & transformational game: Change Play Business & Change Play Drinks. This new process of intersectional innovation combines new techniques of play together with serious strategic thinking and new knowledge to enhance a transformational methodology for existing and emerging businesses through creative synergies. Engaged in Design research on process innovation through gameplay. Graphic design of game materials used in all Change Play games and social media marketing. 

More photos of the event are on
The Thinking Hotel Flickr photostream.

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The Thinking Hotel Change Play Drinks Game Teaser
Center 4 Creative Collaboration (C4CC), London
April 2011

Beta version of a business innovation game developed in collaboration with The Thinking Hotel and C4CC.

Change Play Drinks e-Invitation to players

The Thinking Hotel  Change Play Business
ICA, London
November, 2010

Journey Map Design

Time Warner Greetings Card
Hong Kong
January 2011

Art Direction

Turner Chinese New Year 

Turner Asia Pacific wanted to create a new set of greeting cards to celebrate the year of the rabbit (2011). Two sets of designs were developed, both concepts carry symbols that represent prosperity and success in the Chinese culture.

CNN Going Green Campaign

Hong Kong
March 2010

Art Direction, Interaction

CNN Green Week Special

CNN promotes Green Week special every year with a full week of environmental programs on-air to raise awareness of current global issues and how top world leaders are facing these issues. CNN Editorial chose to launch Green Week during April, which is simultaneously aligned with the Global Business Summit for the Environment Conference (B4E Summit Debate) that was held in Seoul, Korea.

CNN Going Green

The Brief:

In order to promote editorial coverage, the marketing department decided to launch a Green Week campaign that involves print and online advertising across various media platforms such as Yahoo!, Financial Times and Asia Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India. 

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CNNGo Campaign
Hong Kong
March 2010

Art Direction

Impact Your World & Clinton Global Initiative
CNN Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
December 1-3, 2008  
Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

Integrated Identity, Strategy, Art Direction, Video

CNN Impact Your World (IYW) and Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) collaborated to bring together common ideologies and the core mission of both corporations. This cross disciplinary project involved members from Marketing, Editorial, Broadcast Sales, and Creative Services with primary objective of maximizing CNN’s visibility at CGI event. This is seen as a great promotional opportunity as selecting CNN’s Impact Your World program does not only show relevance and support to CGI, but also supports trade in adding value to the program, which is sponsored by NEC. The ROI also translates into engaging trade clients in such meaningful events.

CNN Exclusive Interview with Former President Bill Clinton by Senior Anchor Anjali Rao

The Brief:

Sponsorship Strategy
The objective is the enhance the role of CNN as a world’s leading global knowledge provider by highlighting the networks own work in the area of corporate social responsibility through social reporting. This is reinforced by producing introductory videos for each plenary sessions, as well as opening and closing videos played during the conference to make a meaningful impact on the power brokers of the CGI by bringing to the forefront relevant content and footage from CNN’s Impact Your World. Editorial representation and an interview on Talk Asia with President Clinton. 


  • Print
  • Online
  • Video
  • On-ground branding
  • Hotel Partnerships
  • University Outreach Program


  • Hong Kong (Priority market & event host)
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Australia
  • Philippines

Creative Strategy:

Clinton Global Initiative Delegates Pack

Print Ad:
The print ad is aimed to enhance the proposition of Impact Your World as being CNN’s platform for affecting change at a “CLICK”. This simple execution of adapting the website’s interface design onto print allows the audience to immediately associate with the online identity, ultimately driving more traffic to CNN’s Impact Your World website.

Campaign outcome: The overall campaign drove website traffic increase by 200%.

CGI - CNN Gala Dinner Video
5 mins

As the Producer of this opening video, the main objective is to highlight CGI’s core principles of Education, Environment and Public Health. Current issues were used to cover each topic by using CNN archived content, and is interspersed with CGI’s achievements.

CNN-CGI Gala Dinner Video from Villie Tsang on Vimeo.

Postcard Set

Design, Packaging

Poster Set

The series of posters is aimed to drive the audience to the website encouraging them to press “PLAY” to gain perspective of current world issues, primarily on specific topics being addressed at the CGI conference:  Philanthropy, Diversity, Post Disaster Relief, Financial Crisis. The main objective is to drive more traffic to CNN’s Impact Your World website and increase awareness of global issues through the video content on the site to the key universities targeting students and their communities. 

University Outreach Program in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia.

Poster Message:
Experiences often create and emotional 'click'.

CNN Impact Your World and the Clinton Global Initiative collaborate to present a unique opportunity to affect change at a CLICK.

Make a difference, create greater meaning. NOW.

U.S. Elections - CNN Coverage
CNN Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
January - March 2008

Art Direction, Spatial Design, Identity, Interaction

U.S Elections Campaign & Editorial Coverage

CNN Marketing (Asia) & Creative Services developed a new proposition for the region and contributed to the global campaign lead out of Atlanta. The single minded proposition was ‘Get the global perspective of the US Elections only on CNN International.’ The campaign reached out to 15 million audiences in Asia Pacific alone: Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Creative Concept:

The messaging and the creative concept was deliberately designed to cater towards the Asian audience, as the campaign was run across key markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, and India. The concept was to provoke the audience to question the potential consequences of electing either one of the two opposing political parties and the impact it has on the Asian economy, with a focus on the Food and Oil Crisis.  The rice bowl is symbolic of the ability to bring food to the table of an Asian average family.  With support of the messaging, it begs the question: “Which candidate CAN protect and maintain the stability of the economy in Asia?” 

Strategically positioned outside the gates of the airport check-in counters to maximize visibility for all travelers and passer-bys.

Floor Stickers 10X10ft
Hong Kong Airport Express Station

Asia Pacific Screen Awards & CNN's Scene By Scene
CNN Asia Pacific, Hong Kong
June - December 2009

Art Direction, Integrated Identity, Strategy, Interaction, Video

Campaign Poster

CNN’s Scene by Scene demonstrates the network’s commitment in Asia through its association with APSA, seeing it as a valuable social and cultural initiative for the region. This is a unique collaboration that extends to UNESCO and FIAPF (Int’l Federation of Film Producers Associations as well.

Campaign Strategy

Consumers and affiliate subscribers were invited to take part in the Scene by Scene marketing campaign by contributing and creating content. 

Phase 1 : content generation - photography and video competition open to APAC region via print and online web banners.

Phase 2 : content utilization - expandable web banners on, print including postcards booklet featuring top 10 competition winners, social media networks (Facebook & YouTube), and UGC website showcasing winners’ photos and videos.

Through tactical program tune-in promotions and CNN’s first user-generated-content (UGC) platform, ‘Scene by Scene’ gained massive exposure throughout the region. 


  • Print
  • Online (Rich Media Advertising
  • On-air
  • Video
  • On-ground branding
  • Affiliate partnerships


  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Australia